News Headlines For Charlotte NC To Catch You Up For The Weekend - 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Looking for Luxury Apartments for Rent South-Charlotte-NC
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News Headlines For Charlotte NC To Catch You Up For The Weekend

News Headlines For Charlotte NC To Catch You Up For The Weekend

For now, it seems that the disappointment of Charlotte being out of the race for being the 2nd Amazon headquarters is taking over the news. There are still plenty of headlines, though, and many of them are much worse need than the Amazon snub. For example, there is a headline about the fallen York County deputy and the community paying its respects. That’s a noble headline of course, but it is just very tragic and sad.

There is a very uplifting story, however, about two siblings finding each other again after 50 years of being separated. In other news, there was a shooting, and the suspect is on the run while the victim has been hospitalized. Switching back to more lighthearted news, there is going to be a Harvest Moon on Thursday, and that will be neat to look at if you can.

As for the weather, it is clean up all over the Carolinas say the weathermen after all that snow. Also, have you heard of the Chameleon Beard Bandit? This person has made a name for himself and is wanted for the robberies he has committed. It is very important that if anyone has information about the suspect, they alert authorities immediately.

It is being reported that there has been an increase in domestic violence deaths in Charlotte that has prompted city leaders to gather in order to address the issue. Domestic violence in general is disturbing, and it’s even worse when you start having to look at deaths from domestic violence, specifically an increase in deaths.

That’s what’s going on in the city of Charlotte NC this weekend. You are all caught up on the news. Have a safe and happy weekend, and you can catch back up again on Monday morning. Be safe, and be vigilant about the flu, too.